Greedy Little Pig......

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10 Years
Jun 1, 2009
Menifee, CA
Because we take the girls some treats above and beyond their normal lay mash and scratch (we use a lot of wild bird seed or that) they've become quite greedy. Usually if there's a girl or two in the nesting boxes they will stay there. Yesterday I took in some left over hamburger buns with sesame seed tops torn into pieces to strew around for them while I gathered eggs. One of the Buffs was in a nesting box and apparently just couldn't resist and came running out to grab some treats as well.
I have a small coop so I opened that access door to get what eggs were there and as I was finished the Buff came back into the coop and started eyeing the boxes again. Well, after I closed and secured the door and was getting ready to leave she figured I'd give more treats so she came running to the rest of the girls. She then did the feather ruff and bit of a squat they do when they poop. Well, it was and egg that came dropping out and she went on looking for additional treats. It wasn't until about ten minutes later that she started the egg brag song.
Of course I immediately grabbed the fresh laid egg before one of the other hens could take a bite, since they're still quite soft.

Anyway, just proof that food takes precedence over laying, at least for my girls.

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