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Just a beginner in the whole chicken and the egg thing. Trying different things to get my 6 chickens to lay. My daughter and her friend purchased them and well, I know they are chickens, and I know they are female. Have no idea what breed they are. But I am trying my best.They are about 8 months old and I am trying different feeds and just installed a water system to they will always have clean water. Just got some scratch to blend in with the 16% pellets. Just found this site and have learned much just since I signed on. Just curious, will having ducks around affect their laying eggs? They are inseperable (very strange to watch how they interact).
welcome to BYC
do you have pictures of the hens in question?? 8 months is a long time to wait for an egg.
Are you sure they are females? If they are really 8 mos. old depending on breed, they are probably overdue. Big red combs but, NOT squatting! Very Interesting. Were they laying before your daughters got them? You can try putting a golf ball in each nest box, so they get the idea.
thats what i thought to. roosters but maybe, just maybe, they are eating the eggs? what time do you go look for eggs and do you hear them make a fuss in the mornings?
They were exposed to an obnoxious 4 year old that pestered the holy heck out of them. They bought them as chicks and brought them up in the house in a small pen until they were pretty good size. fully feathered. I can submit pics when I take them. Too dark now. They were told that they were females, I know other animals male from female, but clueless on chickens, with my luck I have a coup full of roosters. HAR!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! You can post pictures for help with figuring out if your girls are girls and there is a nice article in the Learning Center with pictures that gives some pointers on telling them apart
If they free range outside, it is very common for chickens to hide nests and eggs.
Are the ducks bothering the chickens? Having ducks around shouldn't stop the chickens from laying eggs, but you want to be very careful with male ducks running together with chicken hens, if they try to mate with them they can hurt them.
The chickens have their free time daily, but I cannot let them free range 24/7. I do believe that the ducks are drakes, but they are not aggressive toward the chickens, they are more like inseparable buddies. I will submit some pics as soon as I get them.
And thanks for replying. I was kind of drafted into taking care of them and now I am taking a crash course. I like having them around and would like for them to be comfortable and happy. They follow me around like I am the mother hen, one of the ducks pecks and bites at my pant-legs or legs if I am in shorts. They are a blast to have!
Welcome to BYC. Glad you decided to join our flock. I'm sorry your hens (assuming they are) aren't laying. Maybe we can tell more when you post your pics. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. We are here to help in any way we can. Good luck in getting eggs.

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