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    Apr 16, 2011
    Pinallas Park, Florida
    Beautiful geen cheek conure! I live in florida and am taking this little guy in but he needs a new forever home. I already have 2 conures. This is the pic of mine but he looks exactly like mine. He needs some one willing to work with him. Last owners negelacted him a little (left him out by the trash when they moved out of my appartment complex) He was under fed and really skitish of people now because of it. I really cant keep him. Only asking for price of bird $100 plus shipping and if close enough just 100 and i will drop him off.

    Anyone? He really needs a good home. Only reason he has a price is because of the vet. I took him the day after we got him to get a good bill of health. I am sure he has the potential to be an amazing bird for someone.
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