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    I'm asking for GIF to be closed. It seems there are a bit too many RP's, of the same subject (Animals). Closing this will make more room for new RP's. Maybe some with a bit more variety! [​IMG] Closing this doesn't mean I'm giving it away. I'm also asking that you don't move it back to the SeaBand thread. I don't want to stress out EH3. Thanks guys!


    (^ Banner courtesy of miss heny!)

    Green Island Farms

    First off, please don't comment about how there are "Already 2 horse RP's". This was on the SeaBand thread, and it is for the breeding farms (No worries, we keep it PG!). This thread is to separate SeaBand, and the breeding farms, and will hopefully clean things up a bit [​IMG] (MAP COMING SOON!)

    2 Days in real time is 1 month on Green Island Farms. This will help you age your horse.


    *No bad language (Including cr*p!) (20 points)
    *No fighting period! If a fight starts, characters will be deleted, and people will be banned. (This includes dramatic posts. ie. "Fine then guys, IGNORE ME!!!!", or "I'm thinking about leaving...". We don't need posts like that.) (50 points)
    *No flaming or trolling (50 points)
    *All BYC rules apply
    *If you don’t like it, don’t post. This applies to all things (ie. Say someone posts something that doesn’t quite make sense, DO NOT correct them. This is an RP, it doesn’t have to be realistic.). (20 points)
    *No killing a character without the owners’ permission. (20 points)
    *No disgusting stuff. (Keep it PG) (50 points)
    *If you want someone on another thread, please PM them rather than posting here. (10 points)
    *Do NOT bring up topics that will hurt feelings. (There has been talk about the "SkyHerd plan", and I see no need for posts like that.) (20 Points)
    *If you want to know what has been happening, GO BACK AND READ IT!!! I cannot stress how important this is. It's not everyone's job to fill you in every time you get on! It's not that hard to read, or click (So PLEASE do it!). (10 points)
    *Do NOT RP another person's character! (10 points)
    *NO RP'ing a character until I have the form. (20 points)
    *NO questioning moderation. If you are suspended, it's not my fault (You simply didn't follow the rules). If you are suspended, and you complain about moderation because you were, the suspend can go for a long amount of time, or you could be banned. (70 points)
    *If something should be in a PM (Like asking Gerbil for some fire horses, which has nothing to do with our thread.), PLEASE put it in a PM! Some people like to keep things private, not have them asked constantly all over random threads. (50 points)
    *The earliest a mare can have a foal is 10 months. You can't wait two days, and have your mare give birth then. (50 points)

    I'm doing our ruling differently. EVERY TIME YOU POST SOMETHING AGAINST THE RULES, I WILL CHART IT. I WILL BE MAKING EACH RULE A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF POINTS, AND WHEN YOU REACH 100 THE FIRST TIME, YOU WILL BE SUSPENDED. THE SECOND TIME, YOU WILL BE BANNED. When you get close to 100, I'll send you a PM to let you know. [​IMG] Let me know what you guys think of this. PM me if you want to know how many points you have. Thanks!

    Here is a form to PM to me. (If you want a specific color, please include that in the PM!)

    BYC Username:
    Horse's Name:
    Marking, scars, etc:
    Family Members:
    Life Story:

    Farm Owner:
    BYC Username: Zinnia-Hen
    Name: Dennis
    Gender: Male, young. In his mid-twenties.
    Appearance: Has short strawberry blond hair and a stubbly beard. About 5'8 in height, has a slight build but most defininately not overly muscular. His skin is fairly tanned from the sun and he has a fairly young and handsome look to him. His eyes are hazel, but change color every once in a while. Is often seen wearing a t-shirt, levis, rubber boots, and a cowboy hat.
    Personality: Can be a little harsh and mean, but is surprisingly friendly.
    Family Members: Parents, missing and most likely dead. Girlfriend: Jude.
    Other: Speaks in a heavy Virginian accent.
    Life Story: Little is known about him, he only shares his past with those he trusts.

    Farm Owner's Horse: Evander: Evander is Dennis's pet horse. He is not included in the breeding. He is an Arabian. -DuckLover2399

    Farm Owner's Girlfriend:
    BYC username: chickendiva25
    Name: Jude
    Appearance: Shoulder length curly, Auburn hair that shines in the sunlight. She has a charming, seductive smile, and is muscular, but has a definite feminine look. She stands around 5'4, and has soft green eyes. She is normally seen in western shirts, jeans or jean short, and her black leather boots.
    Personality: Is the life of the party, and fun to be around. Yet she is loving and shows compassion for others. She has a dangerous temper though....
    Other: Has a southern accent.
    History: Was born and raised in whatever this state they are in, moved away with her parents when she was a teen, and moved back a while ago to live there permanantly.
    Family: Her parents. Boyfriend: Dennis

    Farm Hand:
    BYC Username: miss heny
    Name: layla
    Gender: girl, about 21
    Appearance: fire red hair and blue eyes, is 6'2 tall, wears most of the time short sleeve shirts and capris with ridding boods, but (very rare!) would wear a skirt.
    Personality: pretty friendly with most people unless they get on her nerves.
    Family Members: has 1 sister and brother
    Other: somes times when she has coffee, she would get her deep southern accent.
    Life Story: very little is know about her background, most people knows she has a brother and sister, and owns a big breeding farm, but Dennis knows that she is super rich, but knows little about her brother or sister.

    Farm Hand:
    BYC Username: horsecrazychicklovingkid
    Name: Jake
    Gender: male, 16-year-old
    Appearance: Tall, lanky, and a bi ton the lazy side. He has shaggy black hair
    Personality: He is very sarcastic and is a major realist.
    Family Members: Parents, sister stephanie, and uncle Dennis
    Other: Not goth, but likes to wear black things.
    Life Story: His parents made him come out and stay with his uncle Dennis for the whole summer and work on the farm with the hands.

    Farm Hand:
    BYC Username: DuckLover179
    Name: Jade
    Gender: Female, 20
    Appearance: Jade has black hair, and pale skin. She is 5'11. She mostly wears her hair in a ponytail, with skinny rolled up jeans, and an old blue shirt.
    Personality: Very friendly. She LOVES horses.
    Family Members: None.
    Life Story: She was raised in the country, and decided to work at the breeding farms with horses.

    Farm Hand:
    BYC Username: miss heny
    Name: Cleopatra
    Gender: female, about 18
    Appearance: red hair with blue streaks, she wears tank tops,a worn cowboy hat, jeans and cowboy boots
    Personality: stand offish, but once some one knows her she is very talky
    Family Members: Parents, unknow, most likely dead. dennis is her only family member she truely knows about.
    Other: Speaks in a brittish accent
    Life Story: very little to none is know about her

    Farm Hand:
    BYC username: equinehugger3
    Name: Cay
    Appearance: Light orange freckles dot her nose and face. They frame gorgeous light blue eyes, outlined by navy with flecks of gold. Her hair is a natural orange, built up by strands of brown, red, golden blonde, and orange hair. She has a very athletic build, and is very muscular. She's about 5'10. She's normally seen around the barn in ripped jeans with a stretchy shirt. She also frequently wears flannel button-downs in the winter, and athletic shorts in the spring and summer. She rides lots of Western and English, so she's also spotted in breeches a lot. When she's not riding for show or competition, she'll usually just ride in rubber chore boots or paddock boots without chaps. Her hair is always up in some way.
    Personality: LOVES to laugh, but never starts a conversation with anyone she doesn't know super well. She is unbelievably bull-headed and determined.
    History: Born a farmgirl at heart, she took lessons from a young age. She's currently enrolled in medical school. She's an excellent rider, and can not imagine life without horses, like all of the other farmhands.
    Family: Her parents are in a diff state, along with three younger siblings.

    Farm Hand:
    BYC username: DuckLover2399
    Name: Stephanie
    Appearance: Small brown freckles on her face. Surround big bue eyes. She has mousy brown hair with a small blue Medium build. About 130 punds. Around 5'2. Not very athletic, but can be at times. She loves horses.
    Personality: Sweet girl. Dosent like to start a conversation. Thinks guys with shaggy hair are cute. She is pretty bubbly. Likes to wear t-shirts. Likes guuys that likes horses.
    Other: None
    History: Farmgirl at heart. Has lived in virginia all her ife.
    Family: Her parents.

    Farm Hand:
    BYC Username: horsecrazychicklovingkid
    Name: Jaimz
    Gender: male, 19
    Appearance: shortish, stocky,well muscled, and has blonde hair
    Personality: easy to get along with and a hard worker that doesn't show off
    Family Members: none
    Other: His usuall attire is ripped up jeans, boots, and a tight short sleeved shirt
    Life Story: Started working on the farm after both of his parents were killed in a car crash


    Lead Stallion:
    BYC Username:DuckLover2399
    Horse's Name:Diablo
    Marking, scars, etc: Curly hair, small scars on his back from barbed whip.
    Personality:Sweet stallion. Dosent like to be at a breeding farm. Can be mean though. Loves foals. Loves dressage.
    Family Members: Many foals , Too many to count.
    Life Story: He has lived atg the breeding farms since he was born.

    Lead Mare:
    BYC username: chickendiva25
    Name: Antoinietta
    Gender: Female, 5 year old mare
    Appearance: Dazziling white coat with some light grey dappiling on her rump. Her mane is snowy white and ripples, falling down her shoulder perfectly. Her tail matches her mane, but is ground length.
    Her eyes are a beautiful, cornflower blue.
    Personality: Quiet, wise, and kind.
    Breed: Pure bred Andalusian
    Other: She has a smooth, deep, seductive Spanish accent.
    Family: None
    History: She was feral once, but was captured and taken to the breeding farms.


    BYC Username: DuckLover179
    Horse's Name: Emma
    Gender: Mare
    Color: Black and White
    Breed: Leopard Appaloosa
    Marking, scars, etc: Spots all over her body
    Personality: Sweet, though mad at many stallions
    Family Members: None
    Life Story: Was raised on the breeding farms by her mother, who is now dead.

    BYC Username: Dutchgirl
    Horse's Name: Cael, meaning "slender" in Irish
    Gender: Mare
    Color: Flaxen Chestnut.
    Marking, scars, etc: Her right ear was torn off accidentally when she was a foal, leaving only a stub.
    Personality: Motherly, yet not quiet. Actually quite bossy.
    Family Members: Her few foals are either unknown or died soon after birth.
    Life Story: Simply born at the breeding farm. Still, something happened to her when she was young -- she won't tell anyone, but b/c of it she believes something great is in store for her.

    BYC Username: Gerbil
    Horse's Name: Marie
    Gender: fem
    Color: Blue roan
    Marking, scars, etc: Her mane is streaked with white, cut short and tail trimmed.
    Personality: Shy and reserved. She wasn't raised around horses and feels somewhat awkward around them.
    Family Members:
    Life Story: Marie pulled a hay wagon for a living, entertaining all of the guests at Peter's Pumpkin patch. Tolerating the small ones constantly pulling on her, sticking there fingers in her nose and shoving handfuls of grass in her face. It wasn't a bad job, at times it was okay. Food was decent, she wasn't really overworked or anything, life was rather monotonous.

    BYC Username: horsecrazychicklovingkid
    Horse's Name:Vana
    Color:chocolate brown with copper mane and tail
    Breed:peruvian Paso
    Marking, scars, etc: slight dappling
    Personality: sweet and flashy, but has a flaring temper
    Family Members: none
    Life Story: She was born and raised on a ranch that met hard times and were forced to sell her.

    BYC Username: equinehugger3
    Horse's Name: Oriel
    Gender: Mare
    Color: Flaxen chestnut.
    Breed: Paso Fino.
    Marking, scars, etc: Nothing besides the bringling.
    Personality: Very scared and timid, but sweet once you get to know her.
    Family Members: No one
    Life Story: She's always been here, she was bred here. [​IMG]

    BYC Username:DuckLover2399
    Horse's Name:Maggie
    Color:Chestnut, looks like red.
    Breed:Fox Troter
    Marking, scars, etc: 3 white fetlocks, Small white snip on her nose
    Personality: Farely mean mare. Loves to be ridden. Likes to be bossy.
    Family Members: None at the moment
    Life Story: She lived at an amazeing farm. With rolling green greens pastures and a high tech barn. It was burnt in a big fire. Thankfully she was out in the pasture at the time. Her owners sold her to green isle farms.

    BYC Username:miss heny
    Horse's Name:rika
    Gender: female
    Breed: Freisain
    Marking, scars, etc: her mane and tail are black and white
    Personality: sweet kins
    Family Members: none
    Life Story:was on a small family farm but was starve and beaten so she ran to the breeding farms.

    BYC Username: miss heny
    Horse's Name: Vala
    Gender: female
    Color: blue roan
    Breed: a mix
    Marking, scars, etc: silver hair
    Personality: has none, is like a stone wall
    Family Members: none
    Life Story: was a loner most of her life then was caught by a human at the BFs

    BYC Username:miss heny
    Horse's Name: lily
    Gender: female
    Color: black and white
    Breed: vanner X freisain
    Marking, scars, etc: her mane and tail are white but her body is pure black
    Personality: sweet kind and loving
    Family Members: is mates with thunder
    Life Story: was save by a human in a sense and brought there

    BYC Username: duckluv
    Horse's Name: Zils
    Gender: Female
    Color: Blue Roan.
    Breed: Bashkir Horse.
    Marking, scars, etc: She has a very light Leopard pattern blanket and a brand with the letters RHF inside a horseshoe on her shoulder.
    Personality: She has a hot temper and more spunk than anyone would think her small body (only 13.2 hands high) could hold.
    Family Members: None.
    Life Story: She led a relatively good life on her small farm, but there was one problem - one of the farmhands was an alcoholic. One night, he got the idea to sell some horses to get money for the farm. Away Zils and several others were carted to be sold at a few different farms.

    BYC Username: DuckLover179
    Horse's Name: Delilah
    Gender: Mare
    Color: Dark Bay
    Breed: French Trotter
    Marking, scars, etc: None
    Personality: Very sweet. She is even nice to the stallions, and doesn't mind being bred.
    Family Members: None.
    Life Story: She was raised in the wild, but captured by two-legs. The two-legs sold her to the breeding farms.

    BYC Username:DuckyGurl
    Horse's Name: Arianna
    Gender: Mare
    Color:Dappled gray
    Breed: Quarter Horse
    Marking, scars, etc: Has a burn mark because at her previous ranch she was being branded and the brand slipped.
    Personality: She is kind, and sweet. Loving and gentle. Hates her lifestyle. Longs to have a mate.
    Family Members:None
    Life Story: She was born on a ranch out West. She grew up there, and they trained her to be a cow pony. She loved it, but then her ranch was foreclosed, forcing her owner to sell. She carries a deep wound from this, and misses her cowgirl horribly.

    BYC Username:bella1210
    Horse's Name:bella
    Breed:i do not know
    Marking, scars, etc:has no markings or scars
    Family Members:do not know them
    Life Story:do not know much about her

    BYC Username: Zinnia-Hen
    Horse's Name: Eve
    Gender: Mare
    Color: Dappled Grey
    Breed: Purebred Arabian, from the top blood lines.
    Marking, scars, etc: Her face is extremely concave, her neck is naturally arched, and her tail is flagged. Her mane is a blonde pale and very long. Her eyes are gorgeous and rather mesmorizing. She can cause most stallions to fall head over heels in a swoon, which is her secret weapon.
    Personality: Sassy and fiesty. Hot headed.
    Family Members: Both were stolen long ago.
    Other: Her voice is deep and seductive.
    Life Story: Was born at the breeding farm and is currently a top breeding mare. She is sometimes used in endurance riding and has always ended up in the top ten.


    BYC Username: Gerbil
    Horse's Name: Alill
    Gender: Male
    Color: Blue Eyed Cream.
    Marking, scars, etc:
    Personality: An Irish firecracker.....
    Life Story:Alill was shipped at the age of 2 years from his quiet farm in northern Ireland to Mrs. Jane in North America. Her intentions were for show with his great bloodlines and reputation and her experience, she had always loved the Connemara breed. Things started out great, they won grand champion on their first try and claimed several trophies. This friendship lasted for 8 years, and while they had their up and downs throughout them, but they had been great. But by the end of the 8th, however, things turned for the worst. Mrs Jane's cancer had spread, she could no longer care for Allil and was forced to give him up, to a cousin down south. From then on he knew no more, 2 more years passed of being shipped and trucked around, utter chaos. He had met a only one kindness in those rough days, a young burro by the name of Pepper. They were penned together during his travels and had grown close, brothers of a sort. He was taken by the people before Alill one day, several months back, and was never seen again.

    BYC Username: horsecrazychicklovingkid
    Horse's Name:Red devil (Red)
    Breed:peruvian paso
    Marking, scars, etc: 2 rear white socks, white star, and a blck muzzle
    Personality: showy and understanding
    Family Members: none
    Life Story: His rider was killed in a fall while jumping him and her brother sold him imediately.

    BYC Username: duckluv
    Horse's Name: Procket
    Gender: Male.
    Color: Chestnut.
    Breed: Russian Heavy Draft.
    Marking, scars, etc: He has a brand with the letters RHF inside a horseshoe on his shoulder.
    Personality: He's quiet and polite, often gazing into the distance at nothing.
    Family Members: None, at the moment.
    Life Story: Same as Zils's.

    BYC Username: DuckLover179
    Horse's Name: King
    Gender: Stallion
    Color: White
    Breed: Arabian
    Marking, scars, etc: None
    Personality: Evil.
    Family Members: None
    Life Story: Was raised on the breeding farm.


    BYC Username: Zinnia-Hen
    Horse's Name: Wild Cherry Gumdrop, but usually only referred to as Gumdrop
    Gender: Gelding
    Color: Bay
    Breed: Thoroughbred.
    Marking, scars, etc: He is very tall, thin, and leggy, having the typical Thoroughbred look and build to him. A tall black sock adorns each of his legs, his mane is short and straight, and his tail is at upper calf length. Gumdrop's coat is very sleek and shiny. His face is very cute and expressionate, having a very faint star hidden underneath his forelock.
    Personality: Very affectionate and sweet, hardly ever mean. A little sensitive at times.
    Family Members: Dam, Sunday Girl. Sire, Diamond River Delight. They both live very far away.
    Other: He is amazingly fast, arguably the swiftess camped out at the farms.
    Life Story: He was gelded at an early age, though beforehand he did father one foal. His real home is all the way in Kentucky where he is a top race horse and usually ends up ranking in the top ten when finishing a race. He spends his summers at Dennis' farm and is away most of the year afterwards, though he occasionally visits and comes by.


    BYC Username: Dutchgirl
    Horse's Name: Kendi, which means "The Loved One" in African
    Gender: Filly
    Color: She is a Zonkey, dusty brown on top and with white legs. Dark stripes cover her horizontally, appearing to tie up her torso. She has long, rabbit-like ears and a thick tail with a tuft of brown hair at the tip. Dark eyes. Her forelock dips down, farther than normal for a Zonkey foal.
    Marking, scars, etc: Her left hind leg is slightly crooked from an accident that happened early on in her life.
    Personality: Shy, sweet, quiet. Loving and far from snobby.
    Family Members: None, so far.
    Life Story: Was bred at the zoo for special purposes. When her zebra mother had twins and the zoo could not support the second little filly, they sold her for a high price to the farm.

    Any questions or comments, feel free to PM me!
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    Lead mare for me please! (Is that alright?)
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    Ok you guys what kind of horse should the lead STALLY b?
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    Cool, I'll write her up now [​IMG]
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    Can I still be the farm owner? [​IMG]
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    I thought do is
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