Green thumb is itching, anyone else?


8 Years
Jun 19, 2011
The gardening bug has been biting me the last few days, and my green thumb is itching. Yesterday I walked the garden looking for radishes the chickens may have missed, and started thinking about where to plant what. Today I ordered onion plants, and bought a new belt for one of my tillers. Tonight I'm going though my seeds, and plan on getting my brassics(spell?), pepper and tomato seeds planted tomorrow. Maybe the itching will stop when I get my hands in the dirt.
Up here, we're only in the planning stages. The catalogs are coming in the mail and we've been discussing what new things we want to try this year.
i have ever since i got rid of my goats THEY ATE EVERYTHING!!!

now that they are gone i think i might be able to grow something but alas i live in IDAHO! and we will have snow until march if not may.
Well those catalogers don't help any, I always want to try new stuff. Just looked at my seeds and the only thing I might NEED to buy is sweet corn, but I will probably give in and try some new stuff this year. I am cutting back on how many different tomatoes I grow this year, and only planting our favorites, Arkansas Traveler, Black Krim, Cherokee Purple and some kind of small salad type.
I got a Starks catalog in the mail was like one of those movie dream scenes as I went through it and the cloud bubbled out of my head as I pictures which of the delightful fruit trees here and there. I was starting to think I was a mental case walking around my yard the last few days wondering where I could plant things...but it's normal for me, so I just smiled.

I have to build gopher proof boxes to plant everything in. I have a few pear trees and another quince still waiting to go in the ground and I just need to figure out which type of persimmon to get..and a blood orange...and the list goes on and on.

My pepper plants are still doing well and I even have some bells turning red. I got a second wind on one of my tomatoes and it has flowers. The garlic started to pop up and the swiss chard and greens are absolutely full and beautiful. I was thinking of going ahead and starting some winter squash to have ready before spring, but again, those darn gophers!

I have a large area in the back that I need to section off from the birds, then I can plant all sorts of goodies in there!
Yesterday I weeded the "winter" garden, our onions are mostly up and the Costco garlic is doing great. We have some peas in, but they are small still.

I discovered the poppy plants have scattered seeds all over, so any "wrong location" seedlings I found got transplanted. The four O'clocks have seedlings up too, so those are going to be transplanted shortly too.

If the weather (at night) warms up a bit more, I am going to start some more seeds in the green house pretty soon. All cold crop stuff though.
Itching BAD over here and we don't get snow or serious freezes like most, but the seeds aren't mine, so, the final say on what gets planted when isn't mine. I could start greens now and they'll do fine, but, the family doesn't want to, don't ask why.

Otherwise I've got a greenhouse that used to satisfy my itch, but after a freeze too cold for even the greenhouse to stop, it's a depressing graveyard in there. I even had some beautiful 7' bananas in there, pretty sure they're dead.
After the freeze I lopped off their dead leaves and kept the heater going each cold night, but after a while I noticed the moisture in their chopped stalks was collecting ice, so, I figured I should quit. And I did.

Next time. Next time. This summer I'm buying Bananas again and getting a much better heater when I've got the money.
LOL I may be ahead of the curve here, but I replanted some winter cabbage, and my tulip bed I have been wanting for years. My broccoli and brussels are doing well. Our winters are so mild here that I should be able to get things in the ground in March. So I bought some seeds today to get started indoors . I got such a late start this year with our moving and all, and I guess I got the gardening bug. My plan is to put as much of it up that I can and build a stockpile of food. I think hard times are coming to this country and want to be prepared.

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