Green tractor coop


May 29, 2020
SW Virginia
This tractor coop, for 3-4 hens, is 4X4 with a 4X8 run. It is entirely ventilated on top, with a window that opens more widely on warmer days. The side opposite the side shown has a large door for clean-out and re-supply etc. Inside has a dust bath, a 2X4 roost, food and water (no spill containers for both). 3 nest boxes accessible from outside. The run section beneath the coop has a door the width of the coop on the other side for accessing the run and supplying water, grit, oyster shells and treats.

coop 11-17-2020 resized.png
Yes, sure we can move it. The wheels come off so it sits flush with the ground while in place. We simply slide the wheels on to their axles (on the end where the nest boxes are) and lift the run end and push it where we want it to go.
This photo was taken while it was pristine and not yet used. It is now equipped with a hanging non-spill feeder; the waterer you see in the photo (hanging now), a small dust bath in the back right corner, and several inches of pine shavings and chopped straw bedding.

The roosting bar is now wrapped in newspaper, which gets replaced weekly or as needed. And the barrier on the nest boxes is gone since they have been laying for nearly two months now.

Coop inside resized.png

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