Greener Pastures Chicken Feed Recipe


Jun 27, 2011
I see references and links to this Green Pastures Farm recipe all over the internet including this forum, but the link doesn't take me anywhere. Can someone tell me what this recipe is. I would love to make my own whole grain organic feed. Even though I can get organic layer nearby, I don't want my birds to be forced/encouraged to lay more than they naturally would. I would rather have them live healthy and longer than lay more. Thanks.
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Feb 18, 2011
The original website has been down for awhile, I was looking for it also sometime back. Facebook page with the recipe which also seems to be called "Ronda's Whole Grain Chicken Feed Recipe"

Mixing Your Own Organic Chicken Feed Recipe
December 17, 2010 at 9:23pm
Ronda's Whole Grain Chicken Feed Recipe
*** It's not necessary to follow this recipe exactly... just make sure your birds are getting enough protein, which is predominant in the hard red wheat and the legumes. Free-range birds usually find plenty of protein from bugs, etc.
2 parts whole corn (in winter this is increased to 3 or 4 parts)
3 parts soft white wheat
3 parts hard red winter wheat
1 part hulled barley
1 part oat groats
1 part sunflower seeds (in winter this is increased to 2 parts)
1 part millet
1 part kamut
1 part amaranth seeds
1 part split peas
1 part lentils
1 part quinoa
1 part sesame seeds
1/2 part flax seeds
1/2 part kelp granules
free choice of granite grit
free choice of oyster shell
I store the above items in 6 bins; the corn in one, both types of wheat are mixed in the 2nd bin, barley in the 3rd, oat groats in the 4th, sunflower seeds in the 5th, and the remaining seeds and grains are mixed into the 6th bin. I leave the granite and oyster shell in the bags they come in. I then scoop out what I need into a 5 gallon bucket, and pour back and forth from one bucket to another until mixed well. 
by Greener Pastures Farm

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