Greens? Treats? Poop?


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May 23, 2011
We recently began giving our chicks (now five weeks old) greens and their poop went from brown and solid to green and/or watery. We cut back on the greens and normalcy returned. The question is, how much greenery is good? How much scratch, tortillas or other treats are good? Are we harming our girls with our enthusiasm? Thank you. Alethea
The rule of thumb usually quoted on here is that 90% of their diet should be their regular feed. I certainly wouldn't make a single food more than 10% of their intake for the day.

As for the green poop, lots of foods will show up that way. Cranberries are interesting....
The problem was you fed too many greens and why are you so hung up on giving treats at such an early age. Treats are just that treats, designed to be given in very small amounts to chickens who are of a older age than 5 wks. Soooooo keep it cool on the treats and let them eat their normal feed for awhile and then you won't have this problem again.

I know folks love to feed treats at very early ages for whatever reason and it's just not a good thing, keeping birds healthy includes being responsible when raising them when it comes to feed.
Make sure they have grit if they are receiving treats, or are free ranging if you are not supplying grit.

I am aware they are little, is why I mention this. (They must be still in the brooder or coop a lot.)

They need the grit to digest the treats and whole grains (but not commercial food).
I am following mother hen protocol. I LOVED
watching the hens on the farm growing up. And man o man would they get excited over BUGS
for the babies. The first treat mine got were meal worms for the first week bday. After they had sand earlier in the day. The kids found a caterpillar and since that was the big reason that I got chickens we threw that in to. Every night they get organic starter while I clean the brooder. They much prefer it to the medicated stuff I had to give them. Warning though. Killing those mealworms has left them with attitude!
So if I'm feeding them a comercial feed, they don't need grit added?

Oh sorry I thought you were the OP.

Yes, it is true that if you are JUST feeding commercial feed, with no treats or grass that you don't need grit. It is all cracked grain, with nothing really needing grinding up. See below if you wish.
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I was about to make a similar birds are now 15 weeks old and I noticed the poop issue yesterday. I had a feeling I was giving too many treats. Thanks for all this great input.

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