Greeting from East Tennessee!!!


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8 Years
May 21, 2011
Hello Everyone,

I have read the BYC forums for about 6 weeks now (since we bought our first 4 Golden Comet chicks), but am just now getting around to joining. I have a wonderful wife, a 3 yr old son, 4 Golden Comets(6 weeks old) 3 SLW (1 week old) and 3 Ameraucana (1 week old). We kind of went overboard after the first 4 were so much more fun than we expected. We actually got our first 4 chicks before we were done with the coop/run (silly, huh?) I must say i really appreciate all of the wonderful advice and knowledge that I have received from the members of the BYC forum. I look forward to communicating with all of you and getting to know your beautiful flocks. I am now fully addicted to raising my beautiful girls
, so I'm sure I will need all of the help I can get.

Thank you

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