Greeting from Kentucky


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8 Years
Aug 28, 2011
Laurel Co, Kentucky
Hello all, My wife decided she wanted laying hens. We bought 6 yesterday and a rooster. I found this site looking for info on dealing with them since i have never messed with chickens before. So any suggestions would be great.
Welcome to BYC! You will love this site. I suggest using this site's search to find out answers to any specific questions. You can find the answer to almost anything! For now, a safe roomy pen (dogs & raccoons can tear through some chicken wire with ease & hawks are a problem if your run isn't covered), fresh water and feed for their age group. Heat can be a serious problem for chickens. If it's hot for you it can be deadly for them. Do a search on how to keep them cool. It will depend on your humidity as to the proper solution. Enjoy your flock!
from Alabama. Glad you joined us. You're in the right place because there's lots of great info on here. Congrats on your chickens & good luck

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