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Jul 9, 2021
I’m happy to be joining this forum after 9 years of keeping backyard chickens.
My sweet flock currently consists of 5 lovely ladies (Peggy-americauna, Angelica-buff Orpington, Eliza- silver laced wyandotte, Baby-cream leg bar cross leghorn and the Good Old Little Red Hen-Rhode Island red) along with 8 8-week-old mixed breed babes that Angelica hatched when she went broody. Most of the young ones will go off to new homes, but, once we know their sex, we’ll pick 2-3 to keep with us.

My 12-year-old daughter and I often enjoy hanging out in the hammock in the chicken run to watch chicken TV in the summer evenings.
Max, the Anatolian Shepard is generally disinterested in chickens, but he enjoys hunting for rats around the coop (he’s caught 2 and we haven’t seen a rat in a year!). Toby, the 2 year old super mutt (he’s a Covid puppy!) loves to chase the chickens, but was recently put in his place when Angelica pecked him, letting him know who’s boss. Toby’s demeanor transformed significantly to one of cautious submission and respect.
I’ve loved learning about chickens over the years. I particularly enjoy the calm feeling I get when hanging out with them in the backyard, watching them happily scratch away, take a dust bath or settle into to some cool mud under a bush to take refuge from the heat.
My retired 74 year old father recently decided that my girls needed a new coop, so our 2021 summer project has been to create “chicken utopia” for the lovely ladies.
Looking forward to reading and learning!


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