Greetings and salutations


Jun 28, 2020
My name is Blue. I live in Asheville NC. I am a total chicken newbie but am loving it and plan to have a flock the rest of my life. I currently have 6 pullets, 3 lavender orpingtons, 2 light brahmas and 1 silkie, AND 3 silkie cockerels. All less than 4 months old.
My flock started when a neighbor hatched and gave me 6 silkie chicks. I made a bunch of mistakes and my dog got one a few days later, then something got into my coop and killed another, then one started crowing his head off with so much gusto I gave him to a farm that only has hens.
One rooster will go back to my friend as it turned out to be a super fancy frizzle and is the loudest of my roos. I'm hoping to keep 2 roos but they are prohibited in city limits so it will depend on them flying under the radar. (pun intended)

I have to say what I love about my chickens is their personalities, alien movements and cute little sounds. I can sit with them for hours just watching and playing with them.

Other hobbies of mine are aerial arts, dancing, yoga and playing the cello.

I have no clue how I found this community, but so glad I did. All the 'chicken people' I have met so far are the most interesting, awesome, down to earth beautiful folks so I'm honored to be a part. Thank you

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