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May 7, 2012
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Hello BYCers! For some months now, I have been learning many wondrous things from this site, and I figure it's time, finally, to thank everyone for sharing all their knowledge and info. This is actually a pretty big deal for me, as this is my very first time ever posting on any social media site. I consider myself "technologically disinclined" but if anything is going to overcome this, it is the love of chickens!

I live in beautiful Sonoma county with my wonderful coop-building husband, our two sons (one serious, one silly), and an assortment of pets, to which we recently added 10 chickies. They are about 10 weeks old now and doing great. I wanted variety, so got one each of buff Orpington, barred rock, blk Australorp, silver laced Wyandotte, New Hampshire, Welsummer, gold sex link, Delaware (which turned out to be a white leghorn - I think?), and 2 EEs (to increase my chances of getting blue eggs). My EE plan failed because one is a rooster!

I grew up on a small farm and we always had chickens running around, so I have some experience, but BYC was such a great resource when planning for our new cluckers. (I've been waiting impatiently for many years, so wanted to get things right.) Here are just a few snippets of wisdom gleaned: Feed store/hatchery chicks may not be reliable for breed type or temperament. Nonstandard Ameraucanas are called Easter Eggers. A little sugar water can help save distressed young chicks. Rooster combs turn red sooner than hens'. Bury wire mesh around the perimeter of the coop and run for extra security.

So my gratitude and sincere thanks go to all who took the time to contribute and share info on BYC. (You know who you are!
) Thanks to you we have a very secure coop and run, I was able to save a Welsummer chick that had been put in the not-expected-to-survive brooder at the feed store, I still love my Silver Laced Wyandotte (even though she is better described as a Silver Blotched Wyandotte), and we did not get overly attached to our EE cockerel, renamed The-Rooster-Formerly-Known-As-Iris, and have plenty of time to find him a new home.

There is one downside to joining BYC.
I will probably be spending far too much time on the computer!
That, however, will be offset by being able to use these clever little smiley characters!

Thanks again, everyone!

PS Is there any sort of acronym dictionary available? I've got EE, BO, and SLW down, but there are sooo many other acronyms, I'm hoping for a page of definitions somewhere, to make it easier to understand what folks are talking about.
(Couldn't resist one last smiley guy.)
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

If you go the FAQ section of the forum, and scroll down a ways, there are several links to threads that have explanations for terms and shortcuts.
Thank you!! Excellent. Found what I was looking for. BBR = black breasted red. Knew it was a color reference, but gave me brain freeze!

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