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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by RowdyReptile, Jan 9, 2014.

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    Jan 9, 2014
    Greetings from northern Indiana! I have had chickens for 3 years (almost 4). I also grew up with feeding and collecting eggs. I currently have 11 hens, and 2 chicks. My local area was recently piled with 14 inches of snow (4 inches before that even). With temperatures reaching -15F (and -45F with wind chill), this has been one challenging winter. I lost one hen this morning due to the cold, and I'm still having a struggle keeping the other hens warm enough. Me and a buddy of mine were talking about the chicken chill problem a couple of hours ago when he referred me to this site. Looking forward to learning from all of you chicken enthusiasts. :)

  2. Wow, sounds COLD, [​IMG] great to have you onboard [​IMG]

    That is cold and sorry to hear about your hen that is sad [​IMG]

    maybe in that kind of cold you might want to get some straw
    for them on the floor and nest [​IMG]

    gander007 [​IMG]
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    Jan 9, 2014
    Thanks gander!

    I use pine shavings, it is currently built up around 7-8 inches and insulates pretty well, it's definitely not that. Not sure if its humidity cold combo that is freezing. All my other Hens were fine. I did notice that my hen that died had a moreover glossy/icy lighter color beak so I'm wondering if is the water. My water is warmed so it won't freeze, and it was just fine this morning.
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    Is there plenty of draft free roosting area? Was she low in the pecking order? Maybe she was forced to roost in a drafty spot. Check to be sure that the bedding is good and dry too.

    Welcome to BYC.

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    [​IMG] to BYC!

    Good ventilation is a must. There should be about 1 square foot per bird of ventilation in your eaves or roof. All that pooping and breathing makes a lot of moisture which needs to be whisked away out the roof. You don't want a draft on them, they should roost in still air. But you want the air moving above them. Don't let them roost up near the ceiling where all that moisture is. So sorry about your birds.

    Great to have you aboard and enjoy BYC!
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    Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Sorry about your hen, the cold also hits birds with underlying health problems a lot harder.
  7. I try to change the water daily and I also use this in the water Probiotic, Electrolyte the Electrolyte helps with dehydration and yes this can happen in the cold very often and for better comb color I give them some turkey grow with 20% protein as I have found this really helps and the comb is the first indicator in the chickens health ....... I hope that made some scents ..........

    gander007 [​IMG]

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    Welcome to BYC, and good luck with this miserable winter.

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