Greetings from North Bend, WA!


9 Years
Jun 15, 2010

Just joined these boards. I just got seven chickens a week ago - 4 adults that I purchased from a friend and 3 adolescents given to me by a neighbor.

My four adults are rare breeds - 2 are Russian Orloffs and 2 are Sicilian Buttercups. My 3 young hens are not rare - 2 RIRs and 1 Plymouth Rock (B&W).

So far so good! All seven are getting along although the older hens are definitely in charge. The hens roam in a 3000 square foot fenced yard during the day and are cooping themselves up at night in a secure coop/habitat.

I'll definitely make use of these Boards as I become more of a chicken-lady!

All the best!

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