Greetings from Savannah.....


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10 Years
Mar 4, 2009
Hi everyone....
I am thrilled to be a fairly new chicken lover! My husband recently built himself a toolshed and enlarged our backyard and said that I could get a few hens! We built a 4X8 coop and got 2 biddies last July! In October we found out that we had one hen and one rooster so we have now gotten a second hen. They are safe in their coop at night and rule the backyard in the daylight!! They are such fun to watch.....they follow me around like puppies and even eat out of my hands! The rooster and one of the hens are Americauna I think and I'm not sure about Myrtle my 1st hen...she lays every day (sometimes twice a day) large light brown eggs. she is mostly black with some white on the ends of her feathers...
I really look forward to learning from all of you!

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