Greetings from SC !!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!!


8 Years
Jan 12, 2012
Hello everyone I'm new here and have never raised chickens before. I remember my grandmother having chickens and I have talked with my kids and husband about getting chickens. We started planting a small garden two years ago, so now we are ready to move a step forward. I need all the advise I can get on how to start, where to start, types of chickens everything. Help!!!!
from Texas. It depends on what you want the chickens for. Do you want egg-layers? Meat birds? Something to look at? If you want egg layers, Rhode Island Reds or any RIR cross is an excellent choice for brown eggs, they are dual purpose birds. SIlkies are a good choice if you want pet chickens or something pretty to look at? Here is an excellent chart that list a lot of breeds of chickens and what they are used for.
Hope this helps.
Welcome! You will LOVE having chickens. My advice is to do your homework first - on space requirements, coop sercurity, purposes and temperaments of different breeds, etc.
On a more personal note, barred rocks, easter eggers, orpingtons, and silkies are all fun breeds that are easy keepers (although silkies tend to go broody often). And I would recommend a mixed flock rather than several of the same breed - the variety is fun and no confusion of who is

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