Greetings from Snowy Rochester NY


9 Years
Feb 26, 2010
Hello everyone.

As the snow accumulates past the 12 inch mark here in western NY, I can't help but question my sanity for jumping into this chicken thang. I further question my sanity as to the prime reason for undertaking this endeavor. Besides the obvious benefits of fresh eggs, entertainment, and free fertilizer, I am primarily raising chickens for my dog. Yup, as crazy as that sounds we have a one year old Bearded Collie pup that loves mothering birds. Pictures here:

I was planning on waiting until later in the Spring and assembling a small flock (6-8) of assorted hens. (That plan may have stepped up a few months - details to follow.) I have incubated eggs several times in the past, mostly pheasant and quail. The one time I hatched bantam chickens all eight turned out to be cockerels! This time I am planning on buying day old pullets - thank you very much. Coop design is still TBD but the game is on.

Thanks to all for contributing to such a great site.

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