Greetings from West Michigan!


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Jan 1, 2012
Great Lakes State
I've been lurking for a few weeks so I finally decided to bite the bullet and register as a member
As my title says I live in West Michigan and I've wanted chickens for months. Hubby and I are trying to climb the ladder of sustainability/living "green" and chickens seemed like the next rational step! We have plans for 4 chicks and I think we've settled on 2 Barred Rocks and 2 Australorps [I've heard that both breeds are hardy in the cold..hope this is true since it can get pretty chilly and snowy here. Yay Lake Effect Snow!].

This website and forum is an amazing resource and I look forward to posting here often and talking with like-minded people! Hope everyone is enjoying the New Year.
Welcome to BYC! Funny that you said you wanted 4 chickens.....I said the same and just bought our first ones 3 days ago. I started with 7

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