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    Jul 14, 2012
    Glendale Arizona name is Kate and am new to the forum, have been lurker mode for a few months.

    We bought a chicken coop over the summer and it is home to 3 banty silver duckwings,( 2 pullets and a roo.) El Gallo Guapo, Muffin & Figgy.
    They are the cutest, spunky trio of chickens around. They have so far survived the Phoenix heat, the dog, pair of red tail hawks, and me being a new owner.

    So went ahead and ordered 25 bantam chickens from Mcmurrays today for delivery the first week of October. They will be our official "yard" chickens. The bermuda grass backyard supports a huge insect population that I hope the bantams can help with. Anyone know how many insects a chicken can dine on in a day?

    Next project is a hen house, want to get that built asap and am hoping then to get some chickens for eggs and maybe even meat chickens. I've been looking at all kinds of chicken coops and houses here on BYC. Need the hot weather coop version with lots of open air and wire run.

    Hoping to get to know all you here.

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