Dec 27, 2020
After years of occasional lurking, I've signed up due to a sick chicken but I will try to calm down a bit and also introduce myself :frow

I have a small flock of bantam chickens and have had ducks as well, all foundlings and pets who do me the favour of laying eggs now and then. We are located in the coastal Pacific Northwest so it doesn't get too cold, or too warm, usually, but it can get wet and, lately, quite smoky. It's a smaller community, not much in the way of vets, and difficult to get places even in usual times.

I really love being around chickens and their quirky, demanding personalities but, wow do I hate it when they're not feeling well, especially when I can't do much for them. My when-I-get-rich fantasies include fabulous coops and expansive grassy fields with hawk-proof netting, which I keep to myself around most people but, I guess I can let out in present company. 😜

Hello, and thank you to all the help you've unknowingly provided me and the various birds 🦆🦜🐥🐓 I've known over the years. 💞


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