Grey Jersey?


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6 Years
Apr 3, 2013
The woman we bought this hen from told us as near as she could figure this was a grey Jersey.
What do you think?
Orpingtons have white skin/legs I think. From the body type and the look of the head I'm going to guess Blue Australorp, but they aren't very common, and they have pink/white bottoms of the feet..maybe a mix?
Do I see a little gold in the neck? I'm thinking blue copper Marans if it's a pure bred anything. Mutts come in lots of colors too.
Blue Orpingtons have slate legs with pale whitish grey bottoms to their feet. Could be a hatchery quality Blue Orp. Don't see the same gold in the neck that you see, debid. Though I am interested in the "mutt" theory
So we will go with Mutt then. We were thinking maran or orpington as well maybe mixed with a laced wyandotte.

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