Grey/purple/dark legs! PLEASE HELP. What should I do?


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11 Years
Jan 19, 2009
Back story:
Had a hen go broody...a friend gifted me fertilized eggs, two have hatched doing well getting larger, sorry I cannot even begin to say how old with two young girls and running the house and back and forth between school counting how old they are on the calendar wasn't a top priority. But they are bigger than my hand and have a decent amount of feathers and loosing the fluff.

That all being said, I do NOT know the breeds I have, she has many chickens different breeds running around all together.

One chick is larger than its sibling, the smaller chick I noticed today has darker legs, compared to its bigger sister (I did an old wives tale who knows) its legs are different and darker.

Is something going wrong? It's feathers are still white/pale yellow.
I asked her if she has any dark legged chickens at her house and she said no not that she is aware of.
Can chickens cross breed?
Do I need to do something to help this chick?
It's running around scratching, eating, like nothing is wrong.
But is there something wrong? Something I should do?
It's not one leg but both.

Still doing some online research but wanted to come to my fav site to see what y'all say! Thanks!

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