Grey/yellow chick feathering in grey- ideas?


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Apr 17, 2015
I'm new to chicks and jumped right in with 16 mysteries! :) Lots of the guessing game!

I have one chick who arrived as a yellow chick w/ a grey tinge (and yellow legs).
The grey stayed decently strong, and the legs started to turn grey around week 2. The toes have turned but are still pink at the tips.
Single comb (from what I can tell).
It is feathering in very grey, with some feathers darker and others lighter. No bars or clear patterning at this point.

I'm stumped about this chick! I've considered various breeds but none of them quite seem to fit, so I was beginning to wonder if it's an EE! This chick is fairly light compared to some of the denser/heavier chicks I have, one of the few who likes to come roost on my frequently (the last photo below is with its buddy, my Welsummer girl-- the two of them hang out together all the time).

Any thoughts on breed? (Or gender, if there's anything telling at this point. I've felt it will be a while before I can make any good guesses there.)

Thanks! (photos range from 3-4 weeks old)

Thanks so much for the input!!!
I had listed Splash Andalusian on my "maybe?" list, along with some others early on that seemed plausible (some kind of Wyandotte, Ameraucana (the hatchery I ordered from offers Ameraucana along w/ and distinct from EEs) and even White Plymouth Rock (I think before the feathers came in). In case it's useful to anyone else, here is a photo of her (I'll hope!) younger.
I had one chick who didn't make it and I think she was a regular Andalusian. This one does seem to have a similar body type.

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