Grit or no grit??


6 Years
Apr 3, 2013
I free range my chickens. Our "dirt" is mostly sand as we live close to sand dunes. Do you all think they pick up some sand while they are scratching around? Would the sand take the place of the need for grit?

Is it ok to give my hens some wild bird food as a treat every now and then?? They have 50lb bags for ten bucks at menards and it crossed my mind :)
Birds that range don't need supplemental grit. Sand, small pebbles, lots of things can grind food in the crop.
Bird seed is fine.
On the subject of grit

My babies are getting bigger! They turned 6 weeks this past Monday. I bought their first bag of
poultry grit from the feed store

I get confused about when-to/when-not-to info....

However that being said I read that grit can be given now if they are beginning to eat any
chopped kitchen scraps?

But the poultry grit bag said to begin at 8 weeks.

I am scared to start too early, but tell me has anyone started to feed sand grit or whatever as
early as 6 weeks? Free range is one thing but mine are still in their cage....I'm still working on their coop

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