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8 Years
Feb 21, 2011
I bought some parakeet grit at the store today, but I was cautious as I saw it says Calcium Carbonate on the box. The amount is min/max .01%/.10%.

I looked at my chick starter (Manna Pro) and it says it also has Calcium Carbonate in it and it has a min/max of .75%/1.25%, so about 10x that of the grit. I know its not good to give oyster shells or bone grit to chicks because of the calcium, but with the high amount of calcium that are in the chick starter, could the grit I bought hurt them or is it ok?
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Good question maybe someone else can help
I think grit is fine in any form, as long as it is NOT soluble. Such as the crushed shells, they dissolve. The grit does eventually dissolve but much slower. Isn't Calcium Carbonate a form of Limestone? Our gravel here in KY is crushed limestone. I am sure there is an answer here somewhere, good luck with the 'search' though, I never have luck with it.
The simple solution would be to get some chick grit, but none of my feed stores carry it. I live on a gravel road, so I just went outside and scooped some sand into a bucket and rinsed it in a coffee filter. They are loving it so far!

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