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Mar 22, 2010
Sacramento CA
I have two 10 week old pullets who are outside full time now. I was wondering about grit.. Do they find it naturally in the yard now that they are outside? Or do I still need to buy and offer grit as I did when they were little? They are eating bugs and foliage in the yard, so definately other things then their grower. Thanks for any info!
They should find plenty of grit in the yard. If you are concerned then go ahead and offer grit, it might be worth the peace of mind, and it's cheap. I have never offered grit to mine, but they are free ranging all day long.

I gave grit when they were 2 weeks and older because they were given occasional treats such as raw oatmeal and that sort of thing. That's the only reason. And I was curious since now they eat bugs and such if they needed the extra grit. Our backyard has pathways with ground pebbles though, so maybe that will suffice. If I notice anything out of the ordinary I will pick up some grit, but otherwise I will leave them be. They free range throughout the day here as well. Whenever somebody is outside because they are still young yet and I am not trying to lose either to a hawk or something.
Thanks for the input all!
I think I may do that with my new batch.. My 10 week olds are SO picky! They will only eat certain things like raw oatmeal (they hated cooked), and corn. That's about it. LOL. picky eaters.. Maybe if I wait until later with these new girls they won't be so picky
here's hoping!

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