Grocery Store Hatched Chicks Growing Up


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Aug 26, 2009
These are some chicks I hatched out a few weeks ago from organic grocery store eggs. They are currently going through their uglies.

Chick #1: Suspected hen named Penguin. Doesn't look a whole lot like a penguin anymore with her new feathers.



Just added this one because it is pretty funny. Here she is giving me the evil eye.

Chick #2 Definitely a roo. Hasn't been named since I'm not sure about his future disposition. He is all pearly white except for this one primary feather. In the pics his feathers are dirty.


Chick #3 Second suspected hen and my favorite one of the batch. She is easy to handle and laid back (also the runt). Haven't named her yet. Friendliest chick of the year goes to her.


Chick #4 Second Roo. For some reason his head looks huge in this pic.

Wow who would have thought you could hatch store eggs! If I didn't breed for show I would be tempted to try it, but them what would I do with standards in with my bantams
Im already overrun with birds
Yeah, there was one other chick which was yellow with a giant black spot on his/her back. I was calling it Bumblebee but he/she died (not a very strong chick). I do think it is neat how they all look (and act) so differently. I'm suspecting the mothers were ISA Browns or some form of sex-link (but in truth I have no idea) and the rooster could be anything. Since I'm not raising birds for show I will probably hatch out more in the future and just keep them separate from my future pure breeding projects. I like the variety.
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Wow that is so cool! I did not know that was possible. What kind of grocery store did you get the eggs from? Were they cold? I have a natural foods store near me that sells eggs from local farms but they are in the cooler. Sorry so many questions, but I would like to try this with the incubator I am making.

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