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    hey fellow ? was about the grogel plus b...i got it for my 50 rirs to be here the 6th of i get give them that stuff first and let them pick at it for a while or go ahead and have the chick starter and water n there too...also the pack i got is for 100 chicks.....can i give it all to the 50 or just give them half of it they it says.......and if i just give them half will the other half be bad and no good ,,,thanks for the info.......

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    I had food and water available as soon as my chicks arrived. As I took each one out of the shipping box, I dipped their beak in the water and then set the chick down in the feed trough.
    I mixed up half the gro-gel for 25 chicks, but they had no interest in it. The other half of the package I kept on hand for awhile, in case of a weak chick, but never used it.
  3. i've tried that stuff on every hatchling and new chick i've had, and no one seems to want it. They all go straight for the chick feed.
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    thanks airheart43 and gritsar for ur responses......i will give them both to choose from n e way........i have pics when they get here....thanks again:thumbsup

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