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    The setting is the old west. A bartender is polishing beerglasses, and looks out through the saloon's swinging doors to see a cowboy riding up on a horse.

    As the cowboy pulls up to the saloon, the bartender is shocked when the cowboy dismounts, walks to the back of his horse, lifts the tail, and kisses the horse right on the butt.

    After the bartender overcomes his initial shock, he decides not to say anything to the cowboy.

    The cowboy comes in, orders a beer, and starts drinking it quietly.

    Finally, the bartender can't take it anymore. He says to the cowboy, " Say, I saw you ride up - Why did you kiss your horse right on the butt?"

    The cowboy replies, " Oh, that. Chapped lips".

    The bartender is baffled. "You mean kissing a horse on the butt cures chapped lips?!?"

    "No", replies the cowboy, "But it sure keeps you from licking them".

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    [​IMG] but [​IMG]
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    roflmao [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] in the meyer hatchery catalog on the back it advertises 'chicken poop lip balm'. it says there is no chicken poo in it, but the name came from a goofy grandpa who replied to someone's complaint of having dry lips, said, ' well rub some chicken poo on 'em, then you won't be lickin them!'
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