Ground Bees!

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    Howdy y'all

    I'm hoping this is the right forum for this About a week ago, I noticed a couple of holes in the ground between my garden and my chicken coop. The first thought that went through my head was, "Oh no! Critters are burrowing by my coop already, and the chicks aren't even here yet!" However, closer inspection revealed that there were tons of bees going in and out of the holes! I called our local extension office and was told that ground bees are not normally aggressive. They said I could try filling the holes with dirt repeatedly, hoping they would get discouraged and leave, or I could just leave them alone since they're good pollinators. I really dont want to use any type of poison on them. One of the men working on my shed conversion flooded the holes with water, then covered them up, but that only made the bees tunnel out in a dryer spot...right in my garden! Even if they're not normally aggressive, I have to wonder how they will react if/when i run my little mini tiller in there. I also wonder how "non-aggressive" they will be if my young grandson decides to poke at them with a stick! Is there any way to get rid of them without poisoning them? Not only do I not want to kill them, but I don't want poison in or near my garden or chickens either. The worker who tried to help me the other day pointed out that I have wood bees around my coop too! So what should I do? I would sure appreciate any suggestions y'all might have!

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    Solitary bees will not be an issue even for kids as they will not mount defense of nest site. Yellow jackets are a different matter although you should be too far north for them to overwinter as colonies.

    Show picture for bee ID.

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