Ground up pine trees


8 Years
Mar 7, 2011
I have a neighbor who recently had pine trees cut up then grinded ,would this be ok for the flooring material inside the coop? Even though it has the needles, bark and everything in it. Thanks in advance for any replies.
If the needles have been chipped along with the wood, expect it to HEAT UP and also to MOLD fiercely, for the first weeks or months (depending on size of pile and green-matter content). I would suggest not using any substantial amount of it in the coop til after it's sat around long enough to have reached a more stable state. Even outdoors in the run, be careful about putting in so much that it heats up and molds -- try a test patch somewhere else at the desired depth and give it a week and see how it is, IMO, before doing that in your run.

JME, good luck, have fun,

When I take cuttings from my mom's evergreen trees to use as firewood (it helps her that I dispose of them for her), I pile them up on my logpile, needles and all.

By the time I get around to burning them in the middle of our RAINY winter (IDK what the weather is like where you live), the needles are thoroughly moldy and gross. But I just lift them off the pile and put the whole thing in the wood stove.

Of course I dry it out for a month under a tarp first, to avoid chimney fires.

This is my only experience with hanging onto evergreen needles. I hope this helps.
You might consider covering the whole pile with a tarp to keep the upper layers dry (the bottom layer in contact with the ground will go moldy on you).
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Thanks to all who replied . I guess I will pass this opportunity up.Better to be safe than sorry. To much $ invested.

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