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    Jan 16, 2010
    I HATE them. My barn is falling down on one side because of their incessant mining under the foundation. All the mulch and flowers I planted 2 weeks ago around my house are eaten down to the stub (except the foxglove. Too bad they didnt eat that too. Its pretty, but fatally toxic) And now, when I got home this morning after a quick run to the store for some coffee, there was one of the little buggers just sitting on my patio eating the flat of veggies I just bought. I was gone not 10 mins. And that jerk ate EVERYTHING except the tomato plants. GRRRRRR!!! So after I saw him run around the house to dive into one of his many holes, I saw that he ate my basil from the herb garden in one of my raised beds. ALL of it. 10 basil plants, and all my dill too. There goes my pesto....[​IMG]

    I am officially declaring war on them. WAR! Going to get the .22 and sit in waiting. So mad.[​IMG]
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    Sorry, but your post made me laugh.
    The image is like a roadrunner cartoon. I'm glad we don't have them around here, at least I don't think so.
    Good luck with your war.

    Imp- I'm heading out later to start buying my plants.
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    You have my sympathies. When our first groundhog popped up in our yard I thought, "Oh, how cute". Then we had holes/tunnels under our rock walls, my raised beds, the leachfield, and within two feet of the foundation of our house. Couple of days waiting out with the .22 took care of the problem. Just for fun, I sprayed some coyote urine down the holes before filling them in.
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    Watch Caddy Shack before you declare war.... [​IMG]
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    Jan 16, 2010
    I've seen Caddy shack. I'm willing to take the risk.

    Apparently we have very prolific groundhogs in these parts. We shot at least 2 dozen last spring thru fall. And yet there are 2 dozen replacements, and then some, I'm sure. My husband shot 3 this yr already.

    They arent even terribly ugly, or mean or dangerous per se. they are just so destructive. I have 1 Acre of land. But I have the only house literally for at 1/4 mile in all directions, at least. We are surrounded by literally thousands of acres of fields. There is sooooooo much food source for them. Yet they feel it necessary to eat the things I want to eat. And all that space to dig and burrow and live, but they insist on digging and burrowing and living under the places I live. I wish I could reason with them, talk to them.

    "Hey groundhogs. How's it going? Listen, I would appreciate it if you didnt eat my garden, or dig holes in my yard. If you promise to be good, I promise to plant an extra row or 2 of spinach and lettuce for you. Maybe even a few cabbages. Deal?"

    Well, thats not an option. So its WAR.
    I didnt see him again all day. Maybe tomorrow morning....They dont come out in the hight of the day. Its too hot. But in the morning, and when it cools down before evening. Prime time for groundhog sniping.
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    Quote:Looks like a great product.
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    I use to think they were cute too... till I started tripping over their tunnels (not a good addition to the innately clumsy). Sounds like you need a cat or a digger dog. We had 3 (I determined by tunnel size and pattern) and found one a week ago by my car missing it's head, a trait of my deCATipator (the cat that decpitates everything he catches, LOL!). Some dogs are obsessed with digging them up. sounds like you already have so much damage that a dog digging around hunting for the critter wouldn't cost you too much (at least it wont eat your veggies). Husky and certain shepherd breeds seem best for this. I prefer letting animals deal with other animals. Live traps satify me too only because theres a place I can take critters FAR AWAY that they can live happily at. Poisons don't make me happy. Also heard theres these things you can bury in the ground that emit some kind of signal that scare them off. Haven't the faintest idea about those things though.

    Good Luck with Mr Mole and friends!
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    Jan 11, 2010
    I always thought they were cute- and wished we had something like that over here....But now after reading your post...UUMM I think I dont want groundhogs in Australia... We have enough cute but annoying animals already...
  10. SillyChicken

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    Jan 12, 2010
    You def don't want groundhogs, they're very distructive and have no "value" other than to destroy building footings and create holes for live stock/horsese to break their legs in....and if you corner one, they can get pretty nasty! It's open season for GHogs where I live!
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