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    Jun 9, 2012
    i have 30 barred rock chicks and was wondering what type of grow out pen i could make and do you guys have any plans for pens thanks!
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    This is a good question. I wish BYC had a third gallery of "Grow Out Pens" in addition to "Brooders" and "Coops". You need about 2 sq. ft. per bird inside and about 5-10 sq. ft. outside, from what I can discover. I need to make one this Spring too. There is just not a lot of there on the subject. Frankly, I am looking at yard-saling Little Tikes Playhouse(s). (see this in "Coops" gallery on BYC). Securing the windows with Plexiglas and hardware cloth. Reinforcing the door. And placing it in the middle of a roofed chicken wire yard of 5 sq. ft per bird (excluding the footprint of the playhouse(s). A 10 x 20 ft. yard is easily roofed. If you can find it , you can roof it with chicken wire for security and then either a tarp or one of those 10x20 carports (craigslist, eBay {Tent Gazebo Carport Pavilion } ) with the upright poles secured firmly to the 4x4 uprights of the yard.
    If your yard is secure, you could put in small camping tent(s) and set them up in the yard for shelter. Floor them with savings and dispose of at the end of the season. I know of a lady in Canada who does this to good effect.
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