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    Mar 13, 2017
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    Finally got individual pics of the new babies like I've been meaning to, wanted to track their growth and colors for fun, do a weekly growth of multiple breeds. So, here the babies are at a week and a half

    1-3 salmon favorelles. Straight run.
    4 jersey giant roo
    5 light Brahma pullets (2 1/2 weeks old)
    6-7 buff Orpington pullets
    8 speckled Sussex straight run
    9 silver laced polish roo
    10-13 Easter egger straight run.


    It'll be fun seeing who ends up a cockeral or pullet in the straight run groups. :)

    I have heard with favorelles you're suppose to be able to tell by 2 weeks which are roos based on wing color (black = roo?) But what if it haven't even gotten wing feathers in like fluff #1? Lol
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    What a bunch of little cuties
  3. b.hromada

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    They are all adorable! Enjoy them!

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