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  1. I have to ask this question because we only have three chicks: what's the logic of giving a chick grower feed and then switching to layer feed? I was under the impression grower feed was for meat birds, but maybe I'm wrong?

    Bascially, I don't want to buy 50lbs of grower feed for weeks 8 through 20 because I doubt I'll use it all up with only three birds.

    In the month we've had them they've gone through 5 lbs of chick starter, if that helps.


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    They are going to start eating alot more as they grow. I knew someone who skipped grower and went right to layer and her chickens were a yr old and still no eggs. She called the feed store and they said to put them on grower until they are actually producing eggs, then go to layer. She did and in a week she already had one egg. Apparently what they need to develop is in the grower, but the layer maintains what the body needs to keep producing eggs. I think you should go with the grower and if you have any left when its really time to switch to layer, you could just mix whats left into the layer feed.
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    THis is not always the case but Grower GENERALLY is about 20% protien, Layer generally about 16%.

    UNless your feeding medicated and plan to butcher 1 or so, just feed up what you have. THe extra protein will not hurt them. They will just grow faster.

    THey make the difference because the lower the % Protein, the cheaper they can make the feed . It still mostly corn and soybeans, just different proportions.

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