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    Mar 5, 2015
    My chicks are 12 weeks old can I start feeding them adult food yet?? What does grower finisher have unit that my layer base don't?? I have several supplements I put in adult food i.e. 44% protein hi omega 20% poultry supplement wild bird seed oats calcium lcc grit etc etc so I'm thinking my adult food is actually better for them anyways???
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    Apr 27, 2016
    Yeah give them adult food now
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    Well, the general rule is give them adult layer pellets/crumble when they are either at least 18-20 weeks old or wait until they are actually laying. 12 weeks is really too young because they don't need the calcium in the layer pellets. I've fudged a few times when 15-16 week olds needed to go in with the adults, but if they're by themselves, they don't get layer until the first one actually lays an egg.

    I don't really understand the mix you're talking about. You don't give layer feed at all? Wild bird seed with lots of millet could be a problem, if that's the type you're giving. I've had a rooster almost choke when he sucked up a bunch of millet in a scratch mix I got once (the mill must have had a glitch, wasn't supposed to have millet at all). Not sure of the protein content of what you've posted if it has wild bird seed in it; that would depend on ratios.

    Quote: Are those both supplements or actual feed? I didn't get that.
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