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May 21, 2018
Pine Grove, CA
So, I have a tiny mixed flock of 7 seramas (5 weeks old) and 11 mixed chicks (3 weeks old). The 3 week olds are the same size as my seramas right now, they all live together in an outdoor coop/brooder. I plan on separating them in two to three weeks. Next week Im adding an enclosed run to the coop, and cant wait to see their reactions to real dirt, but thats besides the point...
My current question is about feed.... at what point do I stop the chick feed, and give actual chicken feed? Is it when they start laying, or just when they reach their adult size? With my seramas being 5 weeks old, Im wondering if I need to give them adult feed now, and as such should separate them now instead of later. Would having adult chicken feed and chick feed both available hurt the younger chicks development?
Totally a newbie question :oops:... still on the learning curve here, all advise/help is greatly appreciated :)
I'd keep all the chicks on starter feed until they are 8 weeks old. Then switch them over to a grower feed. You could switch them when the younger ones turn 8 weeks. Don't give them layer feed until they start laying or at 18 weeks, which ever comes first.
Others like to keep their flocks on something like All Flock or grower feed and just offer calcium (oyster shell or equivalent) on the side.
Good luck with your babies!
Don’t forget to offer chic grit now and at 8 weeks move up to poultry grit free choice. You can also use a starter grower 18-20% feed from birth to 18 weeks when you switch over to 16 % layer feed. You do not need oyster shell till 15 weeks. Do not feed adult food as it is not enough protein for young birds.
Thank you all so much !! Wow, Ive got more time than I thought lol. They do have a chick grit available, separate from their chick starter, in case they need it. So I'll switch to a grower feed when the younger ones are 8 weeks, and at 15 weeks I'll put them on an all flock and offer calcium.
I have five 2 year old hens that the youner ones will be integrated into, I can't remember how big they were at 15 weeks lol,
Are they typically integrated into the main flock around 15 weeks? My hens have a layer crumble and grit, and I offer scratch about once a week.
You can also check your feeds or with your feed supplier.

I fed one type of feed that was meant to be fed to chicks until they hit laying age. Then I bought chicks that were on a different type of feed - and when I checked the starter it was to only go so long, then switch to a grower for so long THEN do the laying feed(s).

And if you mix your own feed - some differences then, too.
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