Growing my own Mealworms


Crazy for Silkies
7 Years
Jan 17, 2013
hi all! this may sound odd even gross to some of you but I started growing my own mealworms for my chickens. live mealworms were costing around 5.00 for a small jar of about 50 worms. so I decided to grow my own. my mealworms live in a container filled with plain Bran. I feed vegetables for moisture that they readily eat up! I have around 500 now in my little worm flock. how many others out there grow there own mealworms? I was surprised how easy it actually is. clean out is not exactly fun but all in all it's really been worth it. its very easy to get started. I simply got a small clear container drilled holes in the top then filled with bran and put a cup of meal worms I got from the pet store inside. then place the vegetable on top. in about a day the worms eat the entire vegetable . do you think I'm crazy or do you think it's a good idea? all opinions are welcome! my birds just love those mealworms! they can't eat them fast enough! I know they are glad I'm growing them! what do you think?

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