Growth on face and eye shut

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Darland Chooks

May 7, 2017
Hi everyone, I have just joined this group, been keeping chickens for nearly four years, I have a girl with a growth on her face, has made her eye shut and is looking pretty bad :-( she seems fine in herself and is still gobbling food etc! I have had her at the vets - was the weekend so most were closed so took her to my dogs vet (he only usually deals with dogs/cats/domestic pets etc) He is great and very thorough but admitted he wasn't a chicken expert. He took photos of her face and is sending them to his colleague and is going to get back to me tomorrow to tell me if she needs to be euthanised or if they can do something for her. Just wondering if anyone else has had anything like this and what the outcome was? He said it either looks like a cancerous growth or an abscess but he needs to check. She is very much a pet chicken and well loved and I am pretty much already steeling myself for the inevitable tomorrow but am hoping that someone may give me a little hope that there could be some treatment! I have a lot of chickens but this particular one is very much a favourite.... Has been bothering me all weekend and just want to know either way! :-( Thanks in advance x

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