Growths on my chicken?

Christina l

Dec 7, 2020
Can anyone tell me what these "growths are around my chickens beak? She is eating, drinking and acting normal although she has stopped laying. Thanks for the help IMG_3165.PNG IMG_3163.PNG
It may be wet pox, but I'm not leaning towards that option.

It might be papilloma (to save you reading, it's just a bump or wart caused by the papillomavirus). Papillomavirus is not lethal, but it can spread to your other birds.

The most probable option is indeed Canker. Canker is caused by water sources shared with wild birds. Here is a link that may help:
To help prevent Canker, make make sure they have fresh drinking water in the coop at all times, and add a small amount of apple cider vinegar to it.

Another option is bug bites, but given the number of bumps I don't think it's that.
I hope this helps, and good luck with your girl.
Look inside the beak for yellow plaques and a very bad odor and tell us what you find. Take a picture. Canker might be the problem, and it can cause the side if the beak to bulge out. The nostril on the left appears to be blocked or covered as well. I would try to clean that blockage out. Using QTips and a bit of hydrogen peroxide to help soften the material can help. Then use a fingernail or wooden toothpick to gently try to clean out the material, taking care not to damage the nostril. Get someone to help hold the chicken’s head still.

Canker inside the beak can look similar to wet fowl pox, or yeatsst/fungus infection. Canker smells bad. Canker is treated with certain drugs such as FishZole (metronidazole) or Ronidazole which are found on fish and pigeon sites.

Canker is very contagious, and your feeders and waterers should be cleaned out and disinfected with 10% bleach water. Prevent chickens from drinking from puddles.
Checked her after work. No smell or yellow stuff inside her mouth. Unfortunately her one side seems like it broke open and started bleeding. The growths over her one nostril are very hard, I'm not sure what to compare it to. Its like it has calcified? She eats, drinks acts fine. None of my other chickens have any issues. Thank you all for the help!


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