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  1. thekid

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    My rabbit got out a few days and when we got her back she made a nest like she was going to give birth but she didnt i know false pregnancy. This was a couple of years ago has this ever happened to anybody else?
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    Jun 15, 2008
    Might have bred with a cottontail. Most domestic rabbits cannot cross with cottontails so they might react to having been bred but you'll get no kits. We had a few go through false pregnancies when our bucks were sterile due to the heat last summer. They went through the motions of breeding the does but they couldn't get them pregnant. Some of the does then went through all the nest building without producing any kits. It's a fairly common event when breeding rabbits.
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    it was a cottontail srry i didnt mention that. a lady has two rabbits a street or two over but they are way off the ground and were we found our rabbit wasnt anywhere near there
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