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A few months ago a "friend" of mine helped me clean up my lap top a bit to make it run faster. He didn't tell me that loading the Windows 7 Beta version on my computer would mean I would eventually have to purchase the full version or go back to Vista. Had I known that, I probably would have stayed with vista!

Anyways, for about two weeks my computer has been telling me I have to buy the full version or I will lose everything on my computer. I spoke with this "friend" and he gave me a website where I could apparently buy a full copy of windows 7 for $30 as a student. He also told me it would take about an hour to upgrade my system and I wouldn't lose any files. So I figured I would wait till the end of this week when I would get paid and then I could just do everything on Thursday.

First I find out that windows 7 is $65 for students now. Not that big a deal, so I still purchase it. Then I try to just upgrade the system, but I find out I have to completely wipe everything and reload windows. That means I will lose everything, including any games I have loaded as well as microsoft word, my virus protection, etc. Luckily I have back ups of all my pictures and I was able to make what I hope to be a viable back up on my external hard drive of my music and other programs. Worse comes to worse, I do have my ipod and I can get the music from there. I'm just so worried that something will go wrong and I will lose all my information!

So now I've spent all day backing everything up and I still have to start reloading windows. Who knows how long that will take. And to top it all off, this friend who had been helping me basically does not want to help me anymore. I just keep telling myself that I CAN do this and I'm trying to stay positive. At least my computer will be nice and fast after doing all this.

What kinda person would do that?!?!? Maybe someone with experience can help you on here. That's just mean to leave you hanging like that. Some friend!!
Im sorry to hear that, that really does stink! You would think with all the technology out there there would be an easier way to do that than having to clear the whole system!
Some friend.
It's just better to get an expert and go to them for your computer issues and upgrades. Our friend, whose computer business is in our business plaza, takes care of all our computer needs. Hope this helps.
Well let this be a lesson to you to start with - Don't EVER use Microsoft BETA versions of anything (2010 is on their site now, so if anyone is using it - BEWARE). Secondly, make sure you can really trust the person giving you information.
Yeah, forget Windows- go with Linux (by Ubuntu) with Mozilla Firefox. It's better, much safer, and it's FREE. Hackers have a much harder time breaking into it. Get your money back for the Windows 7.

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