The Red Rooster

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8 Years
Aug 14, 2011
Rapid City, South Dakota
So i'm trying to find out how many roos I have. Hear lots of crowing. Then I go outside to see who's doing it! As soon as I open the door... SILENCE!
They absolutely refuse to crow unless i'm in the house. How can I watch them with out them knowing? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
What I've done in the past just to mess with their heads a bit. My cell phone has a rooster crowing ringtone. Hide where they can't see you and play it and all the roos want to compete with it.
But...wouldn't it be easier to post pics of your suspected roos and we can tell you how many are really roos?
gritsar - funny post! I recorded the hens when they were having a group egg song one day. If I play it, they all go batty!

I ditto gritsar - pictures might be the easiest way to ID roo's. Besides, I love chicken photos, period!

I have five cockerels of crowing age, and only one crows. Likely a dominance thing.

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