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Nov 5, 2008
Cincinnati, Ohio
Thursday was my birthday so my SO decided to take me out for my birthday dinner on Saturday night. He owns a towing company and always has the same company truck at our house in case he gets a call. The last call he ran with his tow truck was at 5:30 AM Saturday & he parked it for the day because he didn't have to work again until Sunday at 6:00pm. He got up at 8AM Saturday got in his personal vehicle & left for the day to attend an auction about 50 miles away. On his way back, still in his personal vehicle, he stopped at his business to check on things & got home at about 5:45pm. He was exhausted after only getting 2 1/2 hours of sleep & went upstairs to take a nap before we went out. About 7PM we got ready & left for dinner once again in our personal vehicle. In the middle of dinner his driver that was answering the business phones for the night called him & said a lady had just called & said my SO just hit her dog with his tow truck & she was calling the police.
He got the number from his driver & called it back thinking we had hit their dog on the way out and not known it. The husband answered the phone & proceeded to tell my SO that the tow truck that always drives down the street just drove up the street & hit his dog. My SO told him I am the driver of that truck and the owner of the company and my truck has not left my driveway all day much less within the last hour & that we were out to dinner. The husband was arguing with him & told him he saw the truck hit the dog & saw the company name on the door! My SO told him he was coming to his house right now to pick him up in our personal vehicle and would take him to our house so he could feel the hood of his truck & the engine & that they were cold indicating the truck had not even been used in the past hour. (Husband still was telling him how he didn't believe him because he saw him hit the dog. So we go to the neighbors house and the husband won't come out. At this point the wife comes driving down the road from the direction of our house & pulls in her driveway. Mind you we are all dressed up in our personal vehicle. She gets out & starts screaming at him saying he hit her dog & to get off her property. He tries to explain to her his truck hasn't been used all day & it wasn't him. The last thing she yells to him is if he hits one of her grandchildren he's going to have a problem. I have said nothing until this point, but at this I blow up. This same dog ran out after his son on his motorcycle this summer & almost made him wreck. This kid has been in my life since he was four and is like my own to me. I yelled back at her about what the dog did in the summer and if my son gets hurt because of her inability to keep this dog out of the street she's going to be the one with the problem.
Now in case you have a picture of an old beat up tow truck driven by some grease covered man, that is not my SO, his truck isn't even a year old, is worth around $100K and he spent an entire day a week ago polishing all the chrome on it. He always watches his speed on the street to make sure he's going the speed limit but the truck itself is loud & I guess that makes it sound like it's going fast. He is a very nice guy and animal lover who goes out of his way to help all our neighbors whenever he can. The little old ladies on the street love him because he is alway plowing their driveways or cutting their grass. If he would have hit a dog he would not have driven off, he would have gotten out to get the dog help & find the owner.
What I really don't get is even if he had hit their dog how would it be his fault, umm the dog was in the street!!! I hope she did call the police and they gave her a citation for whatever it is when you don't control your animal. Sad part is our street is a dead end & they live on the corner so we have to drive by their house all the time.
Is it possible that one of the companies other tow trucks drove down your street and hit the dog? Or it could be possible that all they saw was a tow truck driving away, and assumed that it was your SO's truck. I suppose that you could try writing a letter to the neighbors that clearly documents that you were both at a restaurant during the time that they thought they saw the truck run the dog over.
it doesn't matter who hit the dog, it should not have been in the street. Your right I hope they did call the police!
Not possible it was one of his other company trucks, the guy that was on call that night was in a truck that is a different color, body style and has a different tow companies name on it. (He owns 3 tow companies) The husband insisted it was the "truck that drives up and down the street all the time". I think he's a liar, and didn't know my SO was the owner. He thought he could just get some driver in trouble and make the company pay for it.

When we moved in there was only one man who lived in the house. In the last 2 years there are more & more people & cars there. I think there are at least 3 families living there now with one guy living out of a van in the driveway. It probably won't be long before these freeloaders drain this man of his money, his house gets forclosed on, and they all have to move. Until then I hope nothing further happens with them. I hate neighbor conflicts. We live down a 900' private drive to get privacy and not have everyone up in our business like our last neighborhood and we still can't just drive up the street without having goofballs causing problems.
yeah some people.

just a quick thought for you. Go back to where you were having dinner and get a written statement from your server about what time they knew you were there. If you have a copy of your reciept make some copies especially if it has the date and time stamped on it.
Find some other people who saw you there.

just some backup info just in case the wacko's try to take you to court.
VERY good suggestions!!

Yeah I have my receipt & we ran into our accountant there. Our server doesn't speak english very well so I don't think I will bother him with this. I'm sure I could get the neighbor at the top of our driveway to be able to back up the fact the truck never left. He was home all day. I haven't seen the dog outside since this all happened. I hope he didn't get hurt too bad, it's not his fault his owners are irresponsible.
You shouldn't need any proof of anything anyways! Even if you did hit the dog in the street, you didn't do anything illegal. Those people suck.

Btw my b-day was Thursday too! Happy 3/3!!!

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