grrrr >:(


10 Years
May 26, 2009
who wants to know?
my mom cancled the light bahamas(sp?) and got speckled sussex. wat the french toast. can somebody please bring some since to this.? and i am rather upset about this.
i wanted those stupid birds so bad! she got the buff ones instead...i dont much care for the buff color....the light brahmas are beautiful. and im sorry, but i dont understand why she would replace the braham with a speckled sussex. i..i just dont know.
Maybe you should talk to her about it and ask why she did it...try to do so without getting really mad at her.
I'm sure she must have a logical explanation, for example maybe it was because of the hatchery that she had to cancel it, such as maybe they are out of order for that breed you wanted??? And if you think they are so "stupid" why would you want them anyway? lol just saying......

Sorry you're upset about not getting the breed you want...but I would see WHY she canceled in the first place.
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