GRRRRRR Sterile Roo?


9 Years
Apr 2, 2010
I set my eggs on 12-30, I set them in a home made incubator and put them in egg cartons that I lean at a 45 degree angle I tip back and forth. All of the egg cartons one all of the shelves show development except one breed. Two dozen eggs set on their side, I have two dozen per a side on all three of the shelves, there is a fan with good air movement. The two dozen eggs show ZERO DEVELOMENT! They are my first hatch of the Lav. Orphs. The girls have been laying for a few months I waited so they wouldn't be first hatches. Four Girls, One Roo. I know some of the eggs were getting about two weeks old, but zero developement

Has anyone had a sterile roo before? I am so annoyed. He actually did die because he was to stupid to survive. Ran into a bush and got impaled into the eye and died there. I know for a fact he could see out of both eyes. Could he have just been that retarded? Now that the eggs are not developing I'm kinda happy he is not alive because if he was I would have to want to kill him. But Could I have really screwed something up that bad? Or do ya'll think he was just.. sterile,


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