Guardian dog chasing baby turkeys :/

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    On my little farm we finally decided to get a Great Pyrenees as a guardian dog and loving companion for my brother named Gwynn. She has done amazing with baby goats and piglets protecting them like her own puppies. She is just about to turn a year old and we have had her since about 8-10 weeks. She is great with the big animals but it took her a while to not terrorize the chickens. She is fine with them now then I trained her not to pounce on the young ones. That was fairly easy and she doesn't bother them. Though she loves to chance my peacocks.... I try to stop her but usually they are so far away by the time I get there the peacock angrily flys over to the chicken yard yelling at Gwynn. She never hurts them just likes to chase them and see them fly. She sometimes does this to the guineas but I have been nipping that in the butt. The turkeys have just been impossible so far to have her leave alone. She has "caught" them at least 4-5 times. She never hurts them just grabs them then puts her paw on them and stares. Never tries to kill them because at this point if she wanted to kill them she would have been able to do it easily. The turkeys are terrified of her (and I don't blame them). I tried working with her last night and she did pretty good but still wants to grab them, hold them down, and intently sniff them. She did that to our new geese and they were less than enthused but were big enough to tell her to bug off. She hasn't tried that again with the geese. She is a good dog, smart, but just a bit to intense around smaller animals. I am working with her but want to know has anyone else had this problem? If so how did you train them to not do it?
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