guess at bantam breeds I got at feed store.


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Jun 11, 2009
Hi every one,

I'm new here but have been enjoying my little flock and enjoy hearing of others

I got some chicks at the feed store and they where a mix of bantam breeds but I was told they where all "pure" from a hatchry

Is this one a Ameraucana? the only other with blue and red I could think of is a blue brested red old english.



I can get better pictures in the morning if that would help.
It could be an Easter egger bantam. What color is its’ legs? (Green) Also, what type of comb does it have?(pea) Love the color. (If what is in the parenthesis is correct than you most likely have an E.E.)
Good luck with your birds,
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looks like a EE. I think i see green legs. It's has a yellow beak so not its not a Ameraucana.

EE are sold by hatcheries as "pure" Ameraucana or Araucana.
Notice how they never list a color for them like other breeds they sell. They just say "multi colored" or something like that.
EE are mutts with Ameraucana blood so they can look like anything. Nothing wrong with them, they are just not Ameraucana.
Beak should be white
skin should be white
legs should be slate blue or black.

yellow beak, yellow skin, green or yellow legs means it was crossed with a yellow skinned bird.
Thanks, I'm bummed they are mutts, but the last I guess EE's I got from the place did lay nice green eggs and is a good hen.

OK it has a black and white beak green legs, it looks like a hen to me? (the red and blue one)

This is the other one, I think it's the same mutt breed but a roo,


they all look like EE's to me but their really pretty birds I don't see anything wrong with a mutt I really think they should allow shows for "mutts" at State Fairs and stuff. It would be fun seeing the bird combinations people put together.
I guess the trouble with showing mutts would be the judge would just picked out what he liked as their would be no standred to go by. unless you had a most colorful class or something.

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