Guess I could have avoided the middle man...?


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Jan 8, 2008
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I ordered from Welp's Hatchery last year, and was completely satisfied with my order, and the healthy chicks that arrived. At the time I did notice the post mark of New Mexico (Welp's is in Iowa, pretty close to me) but didn't put much thought into it.

I also remember reading about others, that had their shipment from NM, and thought that maybe Welp's has certain breeds that just come from there...and others that they have there...I don't know why I was expecting chicks from Iowa this year, just not thinking I guess? My order was supposed to ship on March 10th-yesterday, so like I said before, dummy me thinking it was coming from Iowa, thought it would be here today. I just got off the phone with Welp's, after wondering if they had even shipped. The gal said they did ship out yesterday. I questioned whether they went through Minneapolis, and she kind of paused, and then said that these chicks were coming from NM....

Apparently the only chicks they have in Iowa are the Cornish Broilers-their website does state that the broilers are their specialty, but again, I didn't think anything of it.

If I remember correctly, the NM hatchery is Privett's...? I guess I'm not upset about it, just more of a disappointment I guess; If I wanted to order from Privett's, I would have. I have nothing against them either, seeing as I am very happy with my chickens I have now-which came from there. I suppose it was more of a, "I want to give business to somewhat, local hatcheries" I do also have an order coming this week from Ideal, and as long as everything goes okay with them, I am sure I will order again through them; I like their assortment, website layout, and their ability to ship smaller orders. I know I will be ordering my turkey poults from them, and when I decide to finally venture into Guineas, probably them too.

Sorry it got so long...guess it's just my Tuesday morning ramblings....
Sorry you have to go through all the shipping from NM, I think that is strange that they wouldn't tell you that to begin with. Hoovers is also in IA, and that should be fairly close to you. That's who sent out chicks to Runnings last year, and I didn't have any problems with them. Hope they make it ok. I can feel your frustration though Brahma
So they get their blue and black wyandottes from Privett's then? Welp's and Privetts are I think the only 2 hatcheries I found them at. I'll have to keep that in mind if I decide to order some!!
Several of the smaller hatcheries drop-ship from Privett. I know Hoffman in PA does as well.

Seems to me this is a frequent thing. This is why I did some research before ordering. I wanted to make sure my chicks had the quickest and shortest trip possible. Living in PA I could have ordered from Hoffman, but as noted some of their stuff comes from Privett. I decided on Meyer’s in Ohio. They will be shipped out on Monday the 17th and should arrive to me on the 18th or 19th.

In the end it may not make a difference but ordering this early in March with questionable weather in the NE…I thought the quickest would be the best.

I can understand your weird feelings. It is nice to get completely behind a company and support them…but now what do you do???
Yeah, isn't it?

Jennifer-I'm not sure...I've been to the Privett website before, but it's been awhile. I might have to go check it out. I almost went with McMurray, but Welp's shipping included in price, and my good order last year, brought me back to them. Then afterwards, I learn about Ideal being a BYC sponsor, and figured I would try them. I'm hoping that order is coming this week.

Thanks for your understanding, CRW, I know you just went through heck recently too

Katy, I'm assuming so...the gal on the phone said they just have the broilers there, and the others come from NM...I want to say, now that I think about it though, that I read somewhere (website maybe?) that they have shipping points from Iowa, New Mexico, *and* whatever hatchery that would be, maybe also carries the blue Wyandottes?

Hinkjc, that is interesting, thanks for the info.

Seafood, exactly. Sounds like you did some good research. I had a good experience last year, but had also ordered alot later, so the longer distance wasn't near as bad. This year, I ordered earlier, then delayed it, and now...well, an update:

Got a call from Welps this afternoon, saying they just got a fax from the hatchery and the chicks did *not* ship out yesterday...something went wrong at the hatchery-she said maybe a bad hatch, or something....and alot of the chicks I ordered were not available
It's scheduled for April 7th, and I said that was okay, but the more I think about it, I may just call back and cancel, and order that same batch of breeds from Ideal. The delay doesn't bother me at all-at least it will be that much warmer, though it has been nicer this week...but I'm just worried about illness/sickness maybe going around in the hatchery....
I am in NM and when I ordered my chicks last year they came from Privett's - I dont know if they are any cheaper than any other hatchery. Privett is only about 1 hr from me, but it still took a few weeks for my chicks to get to me LOL.

the only problem I have had with my Privett chicks is when I asked for 5 Black Dutch banty pullets - I got 1 pullet and 4 roos LOL

my ducks even came from Privett.

I want some blue wyandottes and I thought welp was the only one that had's funny that Welp will sell them to you sexed but Privetts only has straight run.Interesting.

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